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Home and Investment Loans

Home Loan

There are various options regarding housing loans dependant on your specific needs. You can have a basic “no frills” home loan through to “premium” home loan with extra features like: unlimited no fee redraw, direct salary crediting, direct debit and BPay options to name a few. Talk to one of our consultants to help you find the best product that suits your needs.

Discount Variable Rate

This loan is used predominately for purchasing owner occupied or investment properties. This loan has all the features of the Standard Variable Rate, with an additional benefit of a discount being applied to the first year of the loan. The loan automatically converts to a Standard Variable Rate at the end of this discount period.

Fixed Interest Rate

Lock in your interest rate for up to five years, allowing you to budget for exactly what the repayments will be for that period. This type of loan also allows for optional additional repayments.

Construction Loan

This loan is designed to help those wanting to build a new home or investment property. It allows for progress payments during the building phase, and automatically converts to a Standard Variable Rate at the end of the building phase.

Bridging Loan

Designed to help those that need to pay for their new home before selling their old one. Provides up to 12 months to sell your existing home. Allowance can be made to capitalise you interest during transition from one house to the next. If you are thinking of selling and want to start looking for your dream home now, talk to one of our experienced consultants here at GoldKey.

Lo Doc Loan

Designed for any customer that may find it difficult to demonstrate their ability to service their borrowings . Customers can choose from a number of products depending on the purpose of the loan. Talk to one of our consultants to discuss your requirements and the best product to suit you.

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